wiggly bags for hickman lines

We would like volunteers to make Wiggly (Hickman line) bags for children and teenagers. These bags keep ex tubes clean and safe. The tubes are to take blood and give chemo etc we started this group up as we wanted to do something for these kids its not a lot but they do need these bags and we thought why shouldn't the girls have sparkly ones and the boys have ones they wanna show off because there more fun than granny fabric bags our aim is to get as many people making them as we can get them sent out to as many kids as we can and we have had such a great response I'm sure all the post pals who need them will soon be over run with them and hospitals and hospices will have some and know where to tell people to get them,there's no charge to the people who want them but if any one would like to they can make a donation to post pals www.postpals.co.uk ,there's also little cost in making them but a big reward knowing you've only given up a little time to help these kids

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