wiggly bags for hickman lines


tape/ribbon bags
*Get 2 bits of 10cm by 10 cm cut a little bigger to allow for sewing (i draw around a 10 by 10 template) then cut 4cm extra all the way around.
*fold over the tops to make them neat u can then sew them or just fold and when u sew up the sides it will hold it,
*sew ribbon or cotton tape to the back of the fabric (on the inside) they need to be ruffly 30cm by 30cm so the parent can tie them to the wright size i use 1 bit 60cm long and the parent can just cut it on one side and sew it back down at the right size so the child hasn't got a knot at the back of there neck or they can just cut it,
*then turn inside out and pin to help it stay still while sewing.
*sew the bottom and 2 sides together it doesn't matter if some are a little bigger or smaller as long as they are ruffly 10cm long by 9cm

For draw string bags see http://www.madebyflorence.co.uk/pdf/wigglybagpattern.pdf

For velcro bags please see http://www.mediafire.com/?3e27w67elq7r7c0 thank you

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